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#ThirstyThursday Drop: Punch Breath!

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September has seen the return of Dosidos to our shelves, Afghan Blueberry show her colors and plenty of exotic strains hit The Herbal Cure connoisseur shelf.

Up next: Punch Breath. This cross of Purple Punch x Mendo Breath has become prominent in the Colorado recreational market for good reason.

Green Dot Labs REC Live Resin Cartridge Drop

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There’s no pen with the flavor that a Green Dot Labs cartridge comes with. And we’ve got some new flavors that just landed on the REC side:

Black Label Live Resin Cartridge (Rec): Angel’s Breath, Fortissimo, Picasso, Sour Best Lemons

Our MED side also has some flavors like Sex on the Beach that you don’t want to miss out on. If it’s terps you’re searching for…we’ve got you

#ThirstyThursday Drop: Rozay Punch

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Purple Punch may be gone from our lineup but we’ve got a new cross to whet your appetite.

This Rozay Punch from Relentless Genetics blends Purple Punch x Rozay for a result that does not disappoint: a perfect daytime smoke that soothes the soul.


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Westword Review by William Breathes

“The people are right: This is good stuff. The shop has got several levels of concentrates, actually. On the high end, there’s the $50 nug-run shatter, below that is the $30 trim-run shatter — and there are also various filter levels of icewater hash from Essential Extracts. The shop has weekly sales on concentrates that bring the prices down for members and non-members by about five bucks. Shatter and wax is Wednesdays, and Sundays is bubble hash.”

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2/10 RAD & PAD

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We are doubling down this Sunday for February’s Rec Appreciation & Patient Appreciation DayS!

Candyland & Orange Rollz are two of the stars this Sunday

This is The Herbal Cure: “El Andy”

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Turn the volume up as we peel back the layer once again for our latest episode of This is The Herbal Cure featuring our man from Oklahoma. A former pharmacist, Andy is the heart that pulses throughout our retail operations. He also has the voice of a young Johnny Cash and the heart of a lion.