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March 2018


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A lot of heart and soul goes into every plant we cultivate. We pride ourselves on doing things a little differently.

That means we never stay complacent. We always strive to improve. And we are always on the hunt for the best strains in the world to bring to our town.

We are so excited and humbled to be honored by the Westword for offering Denver’s top flower selection:

“You’ll find dispensaries around Denver with longer menus, but the Herbal Cure’s unique mix of exotic strains and timeless classics can satisfy your wildest terpene desires and recommended medical needs. Winners of multiple awards from the Grow Off for its strength in the grow room, the Herbal Cure has proven itself against the other heavyweights in Colorado, and it switches up the menu enough to keep surprising regular customers. The Cure’s stiff, flavorful cuts of Cactus Breath, Do-Si-Dos and Lemon Sorbet stand alone in the Mile High City, with prices friendlier to your budget than most top-tier pot shops.” [Westword]

And guess what? That selection is about to get even better! I mean…just take a glimpse into what we’ve got hitting the shelves in the coming weeks–and try not to salivate:


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In the immortal words of The Beatles…it’s getting better all the time! Our hash selection continues to broaden and our prices just keep getting better and better.

You will not find a better price for a better hash product in the city. Check out the new structure, with member pricing before non-member pricing:

New Live Resin Pricing (MED & REC): $35/40 (plus tax) (check our CannaSaver for bulk deals)

New Shatter/Wax Pricing:  MED: $20/$25 plus tax; REC: $30/$25 plus tax

The “yellow sticker” sale shatter/wax will remain $20/gm (plus tax)

With Quest, Harmony and now All Greens on our concentrate shelves…come get your dab on!

Kimbo Kush & Blueberry Headband Drop 3/22 + RAD With Harmony!

By | Company News, Flower Drops

You are in for a serious, frosty treat this Thirsty Thursday as we are dropping a surefire Hall of Fame strain at the Cure! Kimbo Kush (pictured) is hitting the REC shelf tomorrow along with some equally nice Blueberry Headband.

A fierce & frosty cross of Starfighter ? x Blackberry Kush, Kimbo Kush is a unique genetic that grows like it was dropped from martians onto Earth. With a unique bud structure and more frost than Guy Fieri, she will quickly become a crowd favorite. While the flower is exquisite, we’re even more amped to make some full melt hash with the Kimbo as she’s definitely a squirter!

But that’s not all. On Sunday, we will be throwing our March Rec Appreciation Day. As usual, select strains will be offered at $99 an ounce and we will have some special specials on hand! The day will also feature the lowest live resin and concentrate pricing check our CannaSaverwe have ever offered! Make sure you for the concentrate deals.

Additionally, this RAD will feature none other than the fine folks over at Harmony Extracts dishing out 20% off on ALL Harmony products including their live resin PAX Pods!

If you’re unfamiliar with Harmony, just take a glimpse at this video and make sure you swing by on Sunday:

Artist Henry Daniel Bell is Redoing Our Lion Mural on I-25!

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A few months ago, graffiti artists vandalized our legendary Lion mural that sits on Interstate 25. While we are sad to see our Lion depart, we prefer to look at the glass half full.

And with local artist Henry Daniel Bell at the helm of our new mural, the glass will certainly be filled! Henry has begun work on our new mural and we can’t wait to show you the epic finished product.

Here’s a look at some of Henry’s work that should give you an idea of the treat Denver is in for:

Henry Daniel Bell was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and since childhood has lived his life in perpetual exploration of creative boundaries in all aspects of existence.

Henry’s works include large scale vibrant landscapes of light and color which have the ability to transport the beholder to places beyond reality.  Simultaneously, his raw and minimal abstract works compel the deepest caverns of ones emotional landscape.

Ultimately Henry finds most merit in creating what his heart wants to see-he explains, “with the infinite forms of beauty inside and out of this world, why limit one’s expression.” via HenryDanielBell.com