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December 2020

Snaxland Denver

Snaxland REC Drop 12/5/20

By | Flower Drops

Saturday is (usually) for the Snaxland. And today features some new Snaxland strains we haven’t carried before:

MAC Stomper, Lemon Mints, Gas Bugnes & Gelatti

These supplies are somewhat limited so we recommend coming down to the shop sooner than later…Our REC shelf is as stocked as ever and we’ve got an RAD tomorrow to kick off the month!

Best Colorado Cannabis

Cherry Colorado MEDICAL Drop!

By | Flower Drops

By now you must be familiar with the fire spitters at Cherry Colorado. It’s not our first Cherry drop–but it’s one that all MED patients should stand at attention for!

We’ve got arguably Cherry’s three top strains on the MED shelf as of today (Thursday):

MAC (pictured above)

Gelato Cake

Dank Dough (pictured below)

…Throw a cherry on top and let the good times roll.