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January 2020


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We’re starting a little something on Sundays. To “KICK” things off this SUPER BOWL Sunday, our SAUCY SUNDAYS will start with BOGO 50% off specials on live resin.

REC will feature Viola Live Resin. MED will feature White Mousse Live Resin.

Saucy Sundays will highlight new vendors each week and be a new steady thang at The Herbal Cure–your favorite Denver dispensary to find marijuana at.

#ThirstyThursday Drop: Greasy Gorilla

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The month of gas continues as we debut our newest creation: GREASY GORILLA. This strain combines three types of gas: Motorbreath x GMO x GG4.

The result is a greasy strain reminiscent of the New Jersey Turnpike. We would advise trying this strain when you have nothing left to do in the day but enjoy the effects. This is a strong one!

Discover The Perfect Way To Unwind On Terpene Thursday

Looking for a refreshing way to relax and unwind this Thursday? Look no further than Greasy Gorilla Strain at The Herbal Cure. This unique strain offers a delightful experience that can elevate your mood and provide a sense of calmness to send you into the weekend!

What Makes Greasy Gorilla Strain Special?

Greasy Gorilla is a hybrid strain that combines the best qualities of its parent strains – GG4 and Cookies & Cream. This particular blend results in an incredibly potent and flavorful combination that can help you relax and unwind after a long day. The THC content averages about 25%, making it ideal for experienced users. The smooth and enjoyable experience is also perfect for beginners.
Greasy Gorilla has a complex aroma that combines earthy, diesel, and sweet notes. Its flavor profile is just as diverse, with hints of chocolate, mint, and citrus. This unique combination makes it stand out from other strains on the market.
One of the most notable effects of Greasy Gorilla is its ability to provide a sense of calm and relaxation without causing any couch-lock or sedative effects. The high THC content can also lead to an uplifted and euphoric mood, making it perfect for social situations or unwinding with friends.

Experience New Levels of Relaxation and Enjoyment

Not sure where to start? Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in finding the right product for your preferences. We prioritize customer education and satisfaction, ensuring that you feel confident in your choices. Join us at The Herbal Cure this Terpene Thursday and discover the benefits of Greasy Gorilla Strain for yourself.
This unique hybrid offers a one-of-a-kind experience that is perfect for unwinding and relaxing after a long day. With its complex aroma, diverse flavor profile, and potent effects, Greasy Gorilla is sure to become your new go-to strain. Contact us to learn more and let us help you find the perfect strain to enhance your well-being.

Best Dispensary In Denver

RAD & PAD 1/11/20

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Our first REC & PATIENT Appreciation Day of the decade is tomorrow (Sunday January 1!). The star of this show on the REC side is our Frozen Grapes while the MED side has two Cure staples–Sunshine 4 & Pucker–ready to smooth your Sunday.



Best Weed In Denver

#ThirstyThursday Drop: Bully Kush

By | Flower Drops

Back at it again with another GAS forward #ThirstyThursday drop. This time (January 8) we’ve got Bully Kush bred by Seed Junky Genetics.

This is a Triangle Kush x Triangle Kush bx so if you’re a fan of OG Kush (key to Triangle), do not miss this one. As always, thank you for choosing The Herbal Cure–Washington Park’s premier dispensary!

710 Labs Pop-Up Schedule (All BOGO 50% OFF)

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710 Labs is bringing the heat to the Cure and we’ve got the hookup. We have four pop-ups in January lined up to kick off the New Year. Every Pop-UP means we are running BOGO 50% off ALL DAY LONG on ALL 710 Labs hash products. Here’s our lineup for the month:

January 8 (Wednesday)

January 14 (Tuesday)

January 23 (Thursday)

January 30 (Thursday)

We will also be carrying their pods and getting some flower drops soon. Stay tuned and stay keyed into our social media for more frequent updates

Thrillist Names The Herbal Cure One of Denver’s Best Dispensaries!

By | Company News

We are thrilled to again be named one of Denver’s best dispensaries by our friends at Thrillist! Here’s what they had to say about our Wash Park staple:

A mom and pop shop where newcomers get 25% off their first purchase
Known for connoisseur flower and exceptional customer service, art installations aren’t the only component that welcome all to this mom and pop shop, which hosts an on-site grow for aromatherapy. With vapes from Binske, Green Dot Labs and Aliviar, concentrate selections via Lazercat, 710 Labs and Viola and edibles courtesy of Cloud 9, Wana, and Robhots, this full-spectrum operation has a flavor for every indulger to savor. Shelving 100% Herbal Cure flower, customers can expect nothing but consistency and quality from harvest to harvest. Top-selling flowers range from Grape Cola to Frankenberry and Pucker to Papaya Punch. Still haven’t found the Cure? New customers get hooked up with 25% off their first purchases, along with $22 eighths, every day.