Lazercat Has Landed!

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Lazercatcannabis has touched down on our #REC side tomorrow ?Our first two flavors of solventless live rosin are Trunk Funk & Space Cat which are available right meow. High quality genetics grown in a greenhouse, we are stoked to welcome Lazercat cannabis into the cure.

Cannabis Businesses Soon to Open in Greece?

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The SYRIZA Government believes that the medical cannabis industry will attract billions in foreign and domestic trade investments.

Greece gave out it’s first two cannabis cultivation licenses on Monday to the two private companies Biomecann and Bioprocann. These are just the first of 14 to be issued by the year’s end. These licenses mean that both companies can start cultivating cannabis in Greece which will also open up hundreds of new jobs in the industry, open up more domestic and international investments, and ultimately put more money into Greece’s pockets.

More than a Dozen Private Retail Licenses will be issued by year’s end in Greece.

Bioprocann, based in Corinth, and Biomecann, based in central Greece in Larisa, are just the first of many private cultivation companies to receive their licenses. These will be issued good standing for up to 5 years with annual renewals. According to Reuters all 14 cultivators represent more than 212 million USD in investment and could create more than 750 jobs in the industry. This is huge for the Greek government and its citizens.

Greece’s Economic struggle has been no secret. They have had to take harsh penalties for bailing out on negotiations with european lenders. Unable to pay its debts Greece’s progressive SYRIZA government believes that the cannabis industry will provide that much needed boost to stabilize and bring back the nation’s economy.

Can Cannabis save the Greece economy and benefit the citizens all at the same time? Will the rest of the licenses be handed out? How many news jobs can we actually expect to see by the new year for Greece’s cannabis industry? Will Greece’s plans to become a huge player in the international medical cannabis cultivation stage play out as they hope?

CBD Coming Soon to a Walmart Near You?

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Walmart has been selling cannabis Christmas Trees online since at least last year (it was eventually removed). Now, with cannabis going legal in Canada and gaining global acceptance, Canada’s branch of Walmart has been exploring carrying CBD-infused products.

A report in Fortune states that Walmart “might sell cannabis products in Canada” soon. But a rep for the discount den refuted that report by stating:

“As we would for any new industry, Walmart Canada has done some preliminary fact-finding on this issue, but we do not have plans to carry CBD products at this time,” spokeswoman Diane Medeiros said in an email, referring to cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants.

She could be speaking facts or she could be blowing smoke. Drugstores in Canada such as Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws Cos. have already received permission from Health Canada to be a licenses medical marijuana stop.

Coca-Cola and major brands all across the country are gauging the CBD market CBD has basically become as common as Almond Milk in coffee shops around the country. And not just in Colorado.

You can find CBD in Chelsea Market’s Higher Standards in New York City or any head shop. The bigger question: does all of this CBD actually work wonders–or is some of it snake oil?

The FDA Approves First Prescription Drug Containing THC

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Walking into a pharmacy and buying weed used to seem like an outrageous concept. But as the future gets greener, this wild scenario seems more and more likely.

After the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of GW Pharmaceuticals’ CBD drug Epidiolex, that future may be sooner than we ever imagined. GW Pharmaceuticals, a publicly traded company, has studied the effect of Epidiolex to aid different conditions of epilepsy.

This “pharmaceutical” company’s serum comes in a strawberry-flavored syrup that uses CBD (cannabidiol) but no THC, to eliminate seizures in people with epilepsy.  The company studied the effect of its “drug” on over 500 children and adults.

The findings, according to the FDA, were positive:

FDA officials said the drug reduced seizures when combined with older epilepsy drugs.

The finding has case studies from actual patients who attest to Epidiolex reducing seizures.

The down side? The drug would cost one person $32,500 annually. And that, of course, does not include THC.

While CBD may work miracles on seizures, THC as medicine remains a reality–and certainly helps CBD as a catalyst.

If the price to purchase this drug outweighs one’s annual spend at a dispensary, then the future is even more unclear!