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Caroline’s Corner: Thanksgiving Infusions in No Time

By November 21, 2018Food for thought

Less time making edibles means more time enjoying them.

While, 2018 might not look exactly like the Jetsons, weed smokers of the 70’s would be mind blown with the technology and innovation in our brave new world of edibles. Pot brownies served their purpose, they lived a good life, time to retire.

The benefits of THC and CBD infused items at the holiday table are obvious: elevated enjoyment of food and family with less anxiety with a thankful appetite. Always remember the importance of proper dosing and communicating to guests that there are extra special offerings about, so no one partakes unwittingly. Weed should only be an adventure for the willing and ready.

With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s time to enjoy living in the future and check out these zero-hassle and time saving ideas for bringing THC to the turkey table this year.

  1. Cocktail Hour. Legal Beverages In-Stock Recreational in the Lobby Fridge ($18-24)

Mixing up some infused drinks is the perfect way to get the night started if you are looking to substitute alcohol or provide an alternative entirely. Taking seconds to whip up, you will be able to enjoy your infusion while working in the kitchen or entertaining your guests.

Legal has 4 flavors to offer in 100 mg sparkling beverages that are the perfect ingredient to the pre-dinner drink tradition without the alcohol: Lemon Ginger, Pomegranate, Rainier Cherry, and Cranberry.

I find the cranberry to be seasonable for both Christmas and Thanksgiving, and the best part is Legal offers this flavor as a 1:1 CBD to THC. For a socializing holidays like these, CBD is crucial to include in your edibles, because it will limit the intoxifying effects of THC that create the notorious “bad trip” of our teenage pot brownie lives of the past. Your CB1 receptors will insead be overwhelmed by a gentle body high.

I also really like that the Legal drinks are sparkling because it helps you get creative with mixers and fancy garnishes. Containing 100 mgs in the entire beverage, it is important to dose out the drink into 4-6 cups for guests, then a splash of fresh cranberry juice, club soda, a few shakes of orange bitters per glass and a lime twist. If you want a more adventurous or invested cocktail, just add any of the Legal drinks as your preferred dosage to the bevvies detailed here and over there.

THC and CBD infused drinks are all the rage right now, seriously, Coca Cola just showed up with stacks of cash. So be a cool host this Thanksgiving, not like a regular host.

2) Main Course. Ripple by Stillwater ($22) In Stock Recreational in three varieties: 100 MG THC, 5:1 CBD THC and 20:1 CBD THC

The best part of the Ripple dissolvable by Colorado-based company Stillwater, just as a    sugar packet can sweeten coffee instantly, so can one packet of Ripple turn ANYTHING into a THC or CBD packed edible. This is the modern era at its best. Jetsons on weed, man.

You could just dose your 10 MG THC packet in your water and call it a day, but you are living your best life so you  let your culinary inspirations take you to the gravy or the salad or basting the turkey with a CBD 20:1 reduction.

   Obviously you could have also done all those things before with cannabutter. And by all means, make cannabutter! It’s going to take an ounce and cheesecloth and a slow cooker and don’t forget the decarboxylation process, oh and about 12 hours loaded on top of all the other things you are doing to prep. Cannabutter is a time black hole that STILL tastes like the butter truck crashed into a grass truck.

Because Ripple is absorbed through your intestines, it can be dissolved in water, or most liquids or simply sprinkled on top of any food or side. Vegans coming to dinner? Gluten free issues? Just hate the taste of cannabutter like me? These are main issues that Ripple eliminates because the ingredients are very minimal and the effects are consistent, the quality cornerstone in a THC and CBD product. Ripple is also Keto diet friendly, sugar free and has no GMO’s, hippies.

Ripple pockets are also a fun party favor to give out at friends or family-Givings alike. When given a few THC packets to dose themselves and experiment across their nightly pallet sprinkling here and there, you hand these keys to infusions to your guests. Give Grandma a 20:1 packet and see her get loose.

3). Dessert. Koala Bars Available In Store Recreational 100 mg ($12) and Medical 250 MG ($19).

Easiest course to turn into an ready-made edible without a doubt, dessert. However, with so many candies and sweets available, it would be more fun to enhance a homemade pie or pudding. Break up a Koala Bar as a crust with some nuts and butter or melt it down into a tantalizing topping ganache.

The newly reemerged Koala Bars a budget-efficient way to show up with the dankest dessert in Denver. Koala Bars come in a salivating array of flavors: Key Lime, Banana Pudding, Machiatto, Mint Chocolate Chip, PB & J, Amaretto Orange, Strawberry Cheesecake, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Chocolate Turtle, Bourbon Pecan, Tootie Frooty, Cookies and Cream, and Red Velvet. Let the edible be your inspiration to baking!

Another liquid dessert idea would be melting any of these delicious chocolates in a cup of cocoa or coffee as a cozy warmer to end the evening, melting your insides as you tuck in for a good cannabinoid and tryptophan soaked sleep.

This is the year to shake up the holidays with some infused offerings–the future is now! Come down to The Herbal Cure this week for more on these ideas and many others the budtenders are cooking up in their own kitchens all week. We have all the last minute edibles and flower you need, even on Thanksgiving Day! We are open from 9am-2pm on November 22.






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