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The Westword: “Denver Dispensaries That Only Grow and Sell Their Own Weed”

By November 8, 2019Company News
The Herbal Cure

Our friends at The Westword have included us in a neat list of Denver dispensaries that are vertically integrated–which means they grow and sell their own flower. Here’s what strains they noted:

“When recreational dispensaries first opened in Colorado, they grew virtually all of the weed that their customers bought. This wasn’t out of choice: State laws at the time mandated that dispensaries cultivate their own cannabis in order to minimize black-market trafficking. But times have changed, and so has the way we get our weed.

Some of our favorite Herbal Cure strains: Cherry PieFrankenberryToxic Kool Aid

It’s a nice look into the companies that actually grow their own weed. We are happy to be included with companies we admire. We would add a couple of our new house favorites like Rotten Cherries, Papaya Punch & many more.

Note: In recent months, we have begun to carry other brands’ flower due to the increase in demand throughout the state. We carefully select the company’s we source flower from to ensure it meets our quality expectations. 

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