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A History Lesson: Why The Herbal Cure is Shaped By Wood!

By January 31, 2018Company News

Before we were chopping dank at 983 S. Logan Street, The Herbal Cure was literally chopping wood. Home to the Denver Lumber Company around the 1920s, our space was utilized to supply lumber to some of the first homes in Denver!

That is why our entire dispensary–and the caboose–are built with wood on both inside and out. Our fabric and culture center around our historic roots for Denver and our love for this amazing city.

In a day and age where marijuana dispensaries in Colorado can feel more like convenience stores than welcome experiences, we pride ourselves on our authenticity and our familial vibe.

We hope each and everyone one you feels a warm, old-school emotion when you step into The Herbal Cure’s doors and inhale our new school cannabis!


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