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710 Labs Price Drop at The Herbal Cure

By March 3, 2021Company News, Hash Drops
710 Deals

March Madness has begun and you won’t find crazier deals on all 710 Labs tiers and flavors then at The Herbal Cure! Our pricing simply can’t be beat on 710 Labs live rosin and water hash.

Please check our menu here to preorder online!

Tier 1: Sundae Driver Persy, ’92 OG Live Badder, Zkittlez Water Hash

Tier 2: Sundae Driver WH, Biesel + GMO LR, Biesel + GMO WH, Ghost Hulk #25 x Gorilla Dosha #3 LR, Bootylicious LR, Biesel LR

Tier 3: Sour Tangie WH, GMO Persy, Biesel, Gorilla Dosha #3 + Ghost Hulk #25 WH, 710 Chem, Stardawg Pie

Tier 4: Cream Puff LR

Our inventory changes quickly and is always updated on Weedmaps to reflect current status. 

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