Name "The Herbal Cure" your Caregiver/Medical Marijuana Center you become a part of our VIP Member rewards club!

Top Shelf

-1 Gram - $ 12

-1/8 oz - 3.5Grams - $35

-1/4 oz - 7Grams - $70

-1 oz - 28 Grams - $225

Top Shelf

-1 Gram - $ 10

-1/8 oz - 3.5Grams - $25

-1/4 oz - 7Grams - $50

-1 oz - 28 Grams - $175

Special Discounts - !0% Off

- Edibles

- Drinks

- Budder & Shatter

- Hash

- Caviar

- Smoking Accessories

- Lotions

- Books

Becoming a VIP is free and easy

All you have to do is fill out the change of caregiver/MMC from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment(CDPHE). These forms are available at The Herbal Cure or you can download them here


This form must be notarized. Don't worry The Herbal Cure has a notary on staff for your convenience!

It must be filled out in BLUE INK and there can be NO cross outs!

Make sure to sign and date the form.

The form must be mailed WTHIN 10 Days of signature.

Changing your caregiver does not affect any of your rights.

You are still allowed to grow up to 6 plants and possess up to 2oz. at a time.


Regarding your Medical Marijuana Card please contact:

Address: 4300 Cherry Creek Drive

South Denver, CO 80246 - 1530

303 - 692 - 2184

Drop Box

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

710 S. Ash Street

Denver, CO 80246-1530

Doors open: Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Your application must be in a sealed envelope. You will not receive a receipt. If you wish to have a receipt, please mail in your application by certified mail.

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