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The Facebook duppies took down our page a little awhile ago. But we’re back it again and coming in hotter with our new Facebook page. You can give us a like right here, jah feels?

We’ll be keeping our new Facebook page up to date with what new products come in, new strain drops, new hash drops, and any and all news related to what our crew is cooking up. And from time to time, we’ll even go live!

Check out our first live stream below:

The Herbal Cure Crowned Champions of “The Grow Off’

By | Company News

Back in April, we were crowned as Colorado’s inaugural champions of The Grow Off. The competition was based in science, as a laboratory tested plants for terpenes and THC%; yield was the third category.

We’re pleased to report that we won both the potency (THC%) and flavor (terpene) categories! Here are those results:

Potency (THC %):

  1. Herbal Cure – 23.777
  2. Veritas – 23.004
  3. Northern Lights – 22.924

As of 2015, Colorado’s average THC% was reportedly 18.7%. OG varieties typically test north of 20%.  

Flavor (Terpene %):

  1. Herbal Cure – 2.0615
  2. The Clinic – 1.8603
  3. The Farm – 1.6506

For more information on the competition, check out this article in

The Herbal Cure provided some basic garden information that helped set their clone apart from the competition:

  • They water their plants multiple times a day.
  • The soil/base is coco.
  • The grow rooms are small, 20 light rooms designed to dial in genetics and cultivate boutique cannabis. Smaller rooms allow for less variation throughout the growth process.
  • The Grow-Off strain used an older vented light. The company will be using Gavitas for next year’s grow off.
  • The colas on The Herbal Cure’s plants are some of the largest I’ve ever seen in a grow.
  • They staked (not trellised) the plant.
  • Above all, they gave the plant LOVE.

We’re pumped to be participating in the medical Grow Off right now and can’t wait to see how that turns out!!!