Brandon Burnham

Chief Executive Officer

Hometown: Colorado Springs
How Long Have You Lived in CO: All my life except for 7 years in Seattle and 1 in San Diego.
Favorite Part of Colorado: Weather, weed, & scenery!
Hobbies: Sports, outdoor activities, whatever my toddlers are getting into.
Favorite Strain: Silver Mountain Flower
Preference: Flower. With an old school bong!

Matt Bencivenga

Chief Operating Officer

Matt is the man behind the magic at The Herbal Cure. A green thumb with vast experience in cannabis cultivation and a background in personal training, Matt preaches wellness. Always on the hunt for new genetics, Matt's passion for cannabis drives our team. Whether watering our flowers or at the helm in meetings.

Hometown: Westchester, NY
Lived in CO: 8 years
Favorite Part of Colorado: All this fine, wonderful cannabis.
Hobbies: Snowboarding, Hiking, & Gardening
Favorite Strain: Face On Fire
Preference: Joints for days.

Andy Ralph

General Manager

Hometown: Weatherford, OK
Lived in CO: Almost 7 years!
Favorite Part of Colorado: The diversity, the geography, and of course...the weed
Hobbies: Playing music, enjoying the outdoors, and whiskey...just to name a few 😉
Favorite Strain: Lemon Skunk + Skywalker OG
Preference: Old school joints and the occasional blunt!

Tim C

Retail Manager

Uma R

Harvest Manager

Don N

Cultivation Facility Manager

Brian F

Cultivation Facility Manager

Brittney C

Retail Manager

Cody L


Hometown: Reno, NV
How Long Have You Lived in CO: 4 years
Favorite Part of Colorado: Always something to do!
Hobbies: Reading, gaming, weed, skiing, sports.
Favorite Strain / Product: Dosido, Frankenberry, and Shu-Met Bars!

Boris A

Harvest Team

Hometown: Ciudad Guerrero, Chihuahua, Mexico
How Long Have You Lived in CO: 7 years
Favorite Part of Colorado: The scenery
Hobbies: Soccer
Favorite Strain / Product: Skywalker OG, EvoLab Alchemy
Preference: Backwoods blunts

Tom C


Hometown: Algona, Iowa
How Long Have You Lived in CO: 2.5 year
Favorite Part of Colorado: The sour beer scene and the mountains!
Hobbies: Getting high, French literature, painting abstract landscapes, collecting VHS tapes.
Favorite Strain / Product: Toxic Koolaid, Robhots.
Preference: Joints or a dab rig.

Luigi R

Cultivation Team

Morgan F


Hometown: Rotterdam, NY
How Long Have You Lived in CO: 1.5 years
Favorite Part of Colorado: The mountains, live music, legal marijuana, and the Grateful Dead scene!
Hobbies: Weed, yoga, and hula hooping (sometimes)
Favorite Strain / Product: Dosidos, Gorilla Glue
Preference: Blunts! ...and edibles 😉

John B


Noel C


Hometown: Thornton, CO
How Long Have You Lived in CO: 21 years!
Favorite Part of Colorado: Rocky Mountains and sunsets.
Hobbies: Being outdoors, playing videogames and participating in anything engaging!
Favorite Strain & Product: Grape Cola and Stratos Energy
Preference: Dabs, joints, and bong bowls

Sarah Sveom

Floor Manager

Maria G


Jamie W


Megan M


Brad R


Caroline B


Andrew C

Cultivation Team

Dylan Z

Compliance Manager

Hometown: NYC
Lived in CO: 7+ years!
Favorite Part of Colorado: Skiing
Hobbies: Skiing, hula hooping, music, and dabs.
Favorite Strain / Product: Green Crack, Sweet Mary Jane edibles
Preference: Dab, bong, pipe, joint - pass it and I like it 😉

Mike M


Jake G


Franklin R


Audie S